Ella Christensen, (born 26 November 1996), has been in touch with music since a very young age, thanks to her mother who always sang with her and her brother at night, before going to bed. “I don’t think I can remember a day, where we didn’t sing or hum a song of our liking. We always had so much fun.”, she says.

SLocal Hereosshe has been singing since a very young age, but she never really got any kind of singing lessons. Everything she knows about singing, she learned by herself. At the age of 11, she started having keyboard lessons in middle school, which built the base for the piano lessons she started to take when she was 14. In 7th grade, she badly wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but she didn’t want to take any lessons, so she tried to learn it by herself. Within two months she learned how to play the basic chords and strumming rhythms on the guitar and her skills on the 6-strings are improving every day. Being around Pop and Austro – Pop her whole life, it’s not very surprising that that’s the main genre her heart is focused on – “I think Pop music gives you a lot of opportunities to pour your heart and soul into the lyrics, which I think is the most important part of a song. It’s what makes a song remarkable and special.”

During her time in High School, she had a lot of opportunities to perform live, which helped to improve her self-esteem and stage presence. “I highly believe that high school has had a big impact on the person that I am today.” She stated.

Currently being in College, she’s pursuing a career in the music business. For now, she faces music as something fun to do, an outlet to express herself, but in the future she would like to become a successful artist. Besides being a guitarist, pianist and singer, she also writes her own music. “I use my songs as an outlet for my feelings. It’s so much easier to express your emotions through music.

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